Profile sharidan
Nickname: Sparklin' Sheep
Pet: Cat
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Color: Red, Blue, and Black
Favorite Movies: The Mummy
Favorite Books: Art and Design Books
Favorite Food: Burgers
Favorite Smoothie: Banana
Favorite Music: Jack FM
Favorite Class: Home Economics
Favorite Passion: Creating One of a Kind Designs
Shopping Style: Stylin' Sheep

Sharidan made her movie debut in Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz, as an unexpected model and designer to participate in "America Rocks Fashion." In the movie, it is mentioned that her last name is "Jones". Her nickname is Sparklin' Sheep.

Sharidan has appeared in the "Bratz Forever Diamondz" lines and as a special edition doll in the "Movie Starz" line.


Sharidan has long black hair, a pale skin tone, and has grayish-brown eyes. Sharidan also has a beauty mark on her cheek.


Sharidan is very quiet and shy. She loves to design one of a kind clothing lines, with hints of diamonds, and her style is casual.


Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones are her parents