Nickname: Bunny Boo
Pet: Bunny
Lucky Number: 3
Favorite Color: Orange and Red-Violet
Favorite Movies: Edgy Comedies
Favorite Books: Biographies of Successful People
Favorite Food: Mama's Soul Food and Power Bars
Favorite Smoothie: I'm always on-the-go so I prefer blueberry smoothies and energy drinks!
Favorite Music: Beyoncé/Alonce, Hip-hop
Favorite Class: Social Studies and Dance
Favorite Passion: Street style, old school, new funk and anything experimental and avant-garde...I love to be daring!
Shopping Style: Bold, Statement Jewelry and Chunky Metallic Colors

"I know who I am and what I want to be: A record produced with my own billion dollar fashion line. Music is my thing and I've got the inside track on all the cool clubs, parties, bands and dance moves. I'm a "cut to the chase" kinda girl who likes to take control and get things done. Bossy? Me? Well, okay - sometimes - but someone has to keep things moving, right?" - Sasha

Sasha (also known as Bunny Boo) is one of four core original Bratz. She along with Jade, appears in lesser collections compared to Yasmin and Cloe. Sasha has been produced in the Lil' BratzBratz Kidz and Bratz Babyz lines, and has a Bratzillaz counterpart.


Sasha a sassy girl who is not afraid of confrontation or situations and is very organized; she knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it! However, she has a bad temper, often when things don't work out for her, which often leads her into trouble. If she gets into that kind of situation, she would open up and apologize. Nevertheless, Sasha cares about her friends, is always ready to stand up for them and no one would dare mess with her friends because she always has their backs! Fashion is a huge part of her life, but music is even more important to her. She enjoys dancing and hip-hop and has a passion for urban styles and street fashions. Overall, Sasha is very confident, determined and when it comes to hip-hop or R&B music perspective, she is known to be a great natural leader. She wants to be a record producer with her own fashion line as a career. For Bratz magazine, Sasha is the music editor and leader, as she has been looked up to by the rest of the girls whenever they were in troubling situations. In 2015, she was referred to as the "Queen Bee of the group" on the official Bratz Facebook.

Her Catchphrase in the TV series is 'Come on/let's move, people," reflecting her unofficial leader status


Sasha is of African-American heritage. Her skin is dark brown and it sometimes look like it is deeply tanned. Her eyes are hazel. Her natural hair color is dark brown, but she also appeared with black, silver, orange and blonde hair in some lines.

In the 2005 TV series, her most frequent outfit is actually her full Funk Out outfit. She has her dark brown hair up in a knotted double ponytail, a dark green tank top, dark camouflage cargo pants with a pink flower pattern on it and a sliver beaded belt around, as well as gold hoop earrings and platform shoes similar to Flaunt it Yasmin, but in a dark bubblegum pink. She also has green and brown eye shadow, matching her eyes. Whenever she's working out, she wears a plain white tank top with her Bunny Boo emblem on it and Cloe's blue Funk-Out jeans with white belt, and her Nike-style sneakers from the Beach Party collection. She retains her usual ponytail, and she wears silver stud earrings as well as red lipstick.


Her best friends are Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Roxxi, Dana, Fianna, Nevra and Meygan.

Male Friends are Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, Koby, and Cade.

Her cousin is Sashabella.

Her romantic interest is shown to be Dylan on many occasions, including the CGI TV series, however in Paris II, her romantic interest is Cruise, who is parallel to Dylan and even has his appearance from Wild Life Safari.

She has a little sister name Zama.


Fashion Passion: street style wear Dislikes: Likes: music, dance and hip-hop My Friends Say I'm...: bossy Fave Color: Fave Food: Love to Read: Love to Watch: School Subject: Shoppin' Splurges: My Perfect Day Would be: My Fave Pair of Shoes: My Quirks:


Cartoon/TV Series

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Portrayers/Voice Actresses

She has been voiced by Tia Mowry and Dorla Bell, in the CGI animated series and direct to video movies and portrayed by Logan Browning in the 2007 Bratz: The Movie film.

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