Profile nora (2)
Nickname: Flower
Pet: Happy (Puppy identical to Snappy)
Lucky Number: 14
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Dramatic Comedies
Favorite Books: Sticker Books
Favorite Food: Pink Cupcakes
Favorite Smoothie: Strawberry
Favorite Music: Pop/Classics
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite Passion: Cute Things
Shopping Style: Floral and Colorful

Nora first appeared as one of the Babyz. She was then later produced as a full-sized Bratz in 2007's "Flower Girlz" collection. She is the twin sister of Nita. Her nickname is Flower.


She resembles her twin sister, Nita. Her eyes are lavender and she has black hair, she also has a light skin tone. She is the younger twin.


She is the shy one of the twins. She has a lovely singing voice.


Nita: Older twin sister

Jillian: Older sister


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