Nickname: Funky Fashion Monkey
Pet: Monkey
Lucky Number: 3
Favorite Color: Cinnamon
Favorite Movies: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Books: Harry Potter
Favorite Food: Barbecued anything
Favorite Smoothie: Whatever is trending
Favorite Music: Pop and Classical
Favorite Class: After-school yoga
Favorite Passion: Travelling around the world to get inspired
Shopping Style: Around-the-world fashion

Meygan is nicknamed Funky Fashion Monkey by her friends because she has a wild sense of style. She was the first additional character introduced to the line, and at one point had been discontinued, only to be brought back due to high demand from the fan base. This character was originally named Kayla, but had to be changed due to a trademark held by Mattel. Meygan was also seen as the fifth member of the Bratz, many fans still include her as the fifth member, due to Meygan being in loads of doll lines.


She has a varying set of eyes that are often green or blue. Her hair also varies different shades of red. A factory error led to some early batches of Sleepover Style Meygan dolls to having blonde hair. She also has a light skin tone. In Sleepover Adventure, she also has freckles, but not on the doll.

Personality Profile

Meygan is nicknamed Funky Fashion Monkey because she's always on the hunt for a new adventure, whether that'll be traveling to a new land or trying out something new right at home. She plays the clarinet and is an excellent bowler. She enjoys meeting new people, hosting parties, and traveling. She always keeps in touch with all of the friends she has made while traveling, and they help her keep up with the latest exotic trends. She has a really good friendship with Yasmin, but Yasmin shows off more. Meygan is considered to be the fifth member of the Bratz clique.


She was voiced by Jianna Ballard. She appears in the Rock Angelz video game and Starrin' and Stylin'. She appears in Bratz Kidz: Sleep Over Adventure as a kid, but not as a teenager in the CG animated films, though Jade does mention her in the TV show.


She's best friends with Dana and friends with Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, Cloe, and Nevra.

Tonya: Older sister

Meygana: Witchy cousin