Nickname: Night Owl
Pet: Owl
Lucky Number: 9
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movies: Action
Favorite Books: Fiction
Favorite Food: Bannock Bread
Favorite Smoothie: Pear
Favorite Music: Metal, Yellowcard
Favorite Class: English
Favorite Passion: Dancing
Shopping Style: Punk and Hip with a Dash of Pink

Lydia is one of the new dolls from the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection. She is nicknamed "Night Owl" by her friends.


Lydia has bright blue eyes, cinnamon brown skin and long, curly brown hair.


Lydia is called by her friends Night Owl because she's one girl who'd never sleep on a big day. She is a super-busy girl, and has always got lots of big ideas. She has a brave and bold personality and loves taking on big projects, like planning a class fundraiser or donating charity funds.


Shadi, Tyla, and Adri are her bestfriends

She has a boyfriend named Matt


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