Profile lina
Nickname: Black Fairy
Pet: Serpent
Lucky Number: 89
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movies: Horror
Favorite Books: Scary Stories
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Favorite Smoothie: Raspberry
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Class: Unknown
Favorite Passion: Parties
Shopping Style: Party Clothes

Lina is nicknamed Black Fairy. She is the older sister of Dee and the aunt of Breeana and Cymbeline. Her only appearance has been in Fashion Pixiez.


Lina is the leader of the Dark Pixie clan and is shown to be very evil, sadistic, sassy, vindictive, power-hungry and vengeful. She is also shown to be very alluring, manipulative, persuasive, cunning and tricky as shown with her first encounter with Dylan, using her crow form to steal his backpack and her attractive and bewitching nature and feminine wiles to first lead him to the Pixie lair. Her prior life to this is unknown (However it's possible her doil form could be her before her dark pixie days, as she doesn't look as menacing as in the movie)


In doll form, she has red hair and purple eyes, and she has a light skin tone, as well as a purple shirt with red sleeves, a red skirt, and blue jeans with red pixie wing designs, and pink shoes. However, in the Fashion Pixiez movie, due to her status as a dark pixie, she takes on a darker, more gothic appearance. She has dark black hair with red colored highlights, dark red lips, dark eyeshadow, and bewitching jade green eyes. Her skin is also a very pale, almost snow white tone. She always wears a black long sleeved shirt with red and silver designs on it, a black belt with a silver pixie wing belt buckle, purple skirt, and dark green pants with red pixie designs, and black shoes In her pixie form, she keeps her clothes, but her hair is in a shaggy bun, just like Cymbeline's and she has dark wings with purple cells.


  • It's possible her doll form (as pictured above and below) is her before her status as a Dark Pixie, showing she was once good before the time of her blizzard and exile (sharing similarities to Ursula's backstory from the Little Mermaid)
  • She's very similar to Tritannus from Winx Club


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