Koby Profile Art
Nickname: The Panther
Pet: Panther
Number: Unknown
Lucky Color:
Favorite Movies: Thrillers
Favorite Books: Unknown
Favorite Food:
Favorite Smoothie: Unknown
Favorite Music: Unknown
Favorite Class:
Favorite Passion: Directing and Acting
Shopping Style:

Koby is nicknamed The Panther by the Bratz because he's always on the prowl.


Koby is an outgoing, sporty boy with an easygoing outlook on life. He makes the most of his situations and is always up for adventure and new experiences. He appears in the Bratz: Starrin' & Stylin' film, working at the school's Audo/Visual Center since he knows all about fliming and video, as well as in the Bratz: Rock AngelzBratz: Forever Diamondz and Bratz: Girlz Really Rock! video games. His best friend is presumably Eitan. His favorite sport is surfing.


Koby has medium-brown hair and powder blue eyes. He also has a light skin tone. He is hinted to be of Irish, Hispanic decent.


His best friends seem to be Eitan and Dylan, and have shortened conversations with Cameron.

His friendship to Bryce and Cade are yet to be evaluated.

He happens to be friends with Cloe, Dana, Jade, Meygan, Nevra, Sasha and Yasmin.

Adrienne is his girlfriend.

His baby sister is Ashley.

His cousin is Daphne

He was found out to be Fianna's secret date in the Bratz: Rock Angelz video game.