Profile Lilani & Kiani (3)
Nickname: Prankster Parrot
Pet: Parrot
Lucky Number: 58
Favorite Color: Red and Blue
Favorite Movies: Dance 
Favorite Books: Based on Sports
Favorite Food: Nachos
Favorite Smoothie: Grape
Favorite Music: Hip Hop and Pop
Favorite Class: P.E.
Favorite Passion: Playing Pranks
Shopping Style: Girly and Sporty

Kiani is the younger sister of Lilani. She is nicknamed Prankster Parrot by her sister. She only appears in doll sets with her sister.


Kiani can be a bit cheeky at times and she loves playing pranks on her friends. She is also very sporty and always on the move.


Kiani is taller than the average doll, however she is shorter than her sister. Her hair is a brown shade with dark highlights and she has hazel eyes. Her arms are in a fixed position so it appears that her hands are resting on her hips.


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Doll Lines

Kiani appears in the Sisterz Collection and the Kidz Sisterz Collection.