Kaycee Tweevil

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Tweevil Dork
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Fun and Childish
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Candy and Ice Cream
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Fashion & Design
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Pink and White Colors
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Kaycee Tweevil is one of the Tweevils alongside Kirstee Tweevil. She and her sister appeared in the Bratz TV series as one of the series' antagonists, along with Burdine Maxwell. She and her sister are often used as comic relief.


Kaycee resembles her sister, but can easily be recognized by a white bandage across her nose (which is heavily hinted by the fact that she had more than three nose jobs).


Kaycee is often clueless as she lets herself get pushed around by her sister Kirstee, which hints that she might be too afraid to stick up for herself. She also seems has a crush on Cameron and Eitan.


She is voiced by Lacey Chabert. She appears in most of the video games, movies and episodes. There was a doll made of her and her sister by MGA once from the line Pink n Pretty although they're sold separately

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