Profile katia (2)
Nickname: Flirty Turtle
Pet: Turtle
Lucky Number: 19
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movies: Documentaries
Favorite Books: Newspapers
Favorite Food: Olives
Favorite Smoothie: Mixed Berry
Favorite Music: World Beat Grooves
Favorite Class: All
Favorite Passion: Luxurious Bohemian Style in Rich Colors and Exotic Fabrics
Shopping Style: Shopping with Friends

Katia, as known as Flirty Turtle, is a Bratz character, and appeared in Bratz Genie Magic. She was also in Bratz Desert Jewelz as well as The Bratz Forever Diamondz video game.


Katia has a light skin tone, olive-green eyes , and dark brown hair.


She is easy going, talkative, and loves to participate in charity. Katia also works as a golf caddy in Bratz Girlz Really Rock.


All the Bratz Girls have an equal friendship with her, which is unbreakable no matter what. At the end of the movie, Bratz: Genie Magic, she is seen being in a relationship with Bryce.

Sebastian: Katia's father.

Bryce: Boyfriend

Alia: Katia's older adopted sister.



  • Katia was a Genie in the movie, "Bratz Genie Magic." Soon after her bottle broke and now, she is no longer a genie because she gave up her powers for her father. Now, she is just a regular teenager.
  • She appeared as a costumer on the 2012 video game: Bratz Fashion Boutique.