Profile janelle (2)
Nickname: Chillin' Cheetah
Pet: Cheetah?
Lucky Number: 60
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Clueless
Favorite Books: To All the Boys I've Ever Loved
Favorite Food: Quiche of Escarole
Favorite Smoothie: Apple
Favorite Music: Pop and Trance
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite Passion: Parade
Shopping Style: Striped Chic

Janelle is the triplet of Brigitte and Adrienne. She is nicknamed Chillin' Cheetah by her sisters and friends.


Janelle looks like her sisters, Brigitte (triplet) and Adrienne. She has a light skin tone, her hair is light brown and her eyes are olive-green.


Janelle is the oldest of the triplets and so she's very protective and bossy, but her sisters never take that. She'll do anything for her sisters: when someone messes with her sisters, she'll always have their backs. She tries her best to talk them out of things they aren't supposed to do but sometimes can't help but join them. Without Janelle, Brigitte (triplet) will try to get Adrienne in lot of trouble. She's very girly and likes to have her own space.


Her younger sisters are Brigitte (triplet) and Adrienne