Jade's Dream
Season 1, Episode 17
Jade's Dream
Air date March 18, 2006
Written by Ellen Levy-Sarnoff
Directed by Mucci Fassett
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Jade's Dream is episode 17 of season 1 of the Bratz animated series.


Jade is convinced that she must quit the Bratz Magazine or else doom will befall her friends. But after she is hit on the head, she ends up in a very mysterious dream.


One random day, the Bratz girls get a lot of fan mail, but when Jade reads her own, she sees what's on them, making her consider quitting the magazine as they seem so convincing. Cloe suggests that they visit a psychic, who may be able to see what the cryptic messages mean. Upon doing so, the psychic tells Jade that she must quit the magazine or else trouble will strike her friends!

Eventually, Cloe finds out that the psychic was really Burdine and Kirstee and Kaycee were the writers of the "fan mail". She runs to go find Jade so that she can inform her of what she's found out, but then, a rolling trashcan causes Jade to get hit and she is then knocked out where she begins to start having strange dreams...



Jade is wearing Dana's concert outfit instead of her own

The girls' hero outfits are consist of Live In Concert

Moral: Jade learns to listen to her heart and trust the people she cares about and always believe in herself because she's special, no matter what anyone else thinks



Bratz Jade's Dream *HD* (FULL EPISODE)

Bratz Jade's Dream *HD* (FULL EPISODE)