Profile Destiny (2)
Nickname: Dynamite
Pet: Lhasa Apso
Lucky Number: 35
Favorite Color: Silver, Pink, White, Black and Gray
Favorite Movies: The Princess and the Frog
Favorite Books: The Hate U Give
Favorite Food: Anything healthy
Favorite Smoothie: Blueberry
Favorite Songs: Anything by Beyonce
Favorite Class: Dance
Favorite Passion: Want's to be a singer or Dancer
Shopping Style: Glam Chic

Destiny made her first and only apperance in the Passion 4 Fashion Collection. She is nicknamed Dynamite.


She has blue eyes and a dark tan skin tone. Her hair is also caramel brown. She is Shira's older sister.


Everyone looks up to her as a role model despite being so young and she is an excellent dancer and singer.