Profile diona (2)
Nickname: Spunky
Pet: Russian Blue
Lucky Number: 41
Favorite Color: Black and Green
Favorite Movies: Horror and Comedy
Favorite Books: Horror and Thrillers
Favorite Food: European
Favorite Smoothie:


Favorite Music: Metal and Industrial
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite Passion: Painting
Shopping Style: Gothic Chic

Ciara is the twin of Diona. She is nicknamed Spunky by her sister and friends because she is always causing trouble. She has appeared in the "Wicked Twiins" collection. Ciara also shares the same name as Ciara from the "Xpress It!" collection.


Despite being quite the trouble-maker and baddy that she is, Ciara also has a girly, innocent side where she loves to express her style and have sleepovers with her friends.


She looks a lot like her sister, Diona. Ciara has aqua eyes, deep cranberry and black hair, and a pale skin tone. Also, just like her sister, she has a beauty mark. She is the older twin.