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Bratzfanwiki logo.png Bratz is a multimedia-supported doll franchise from MGA that was launched in 2001. Its story revolves around 4 girls, Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha as they survive high school at Stiles High School and meet new friends who join them along the way. They all share a passion for fashion, loving pets, and most importantly looking good on runways.

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Bratz follows the lives of the Bratz Pack: Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin. Though there’s plenty more Bratz, not only can you meet the Pack but also learn more about the others!

Have you already been introduced to this character?
And would it be known to you that they:
  • She has both the nickname Dainty Doe and Dainty Deer?
  • She is best friends with Yasmin and their actually next-door neighbors? (confirmed in a 2009 blog)
  • She has a pet horse?
  • She was originally supposed to be in the Midnight Dance line?
  • She was originally supposed to have tan skin and brown hair similar to her friend Yasmin?
If you wish to learn more about
please visit their
own article on this wiki!
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- Dolls -

- A Target employee confirms that “Bratz Collector 20th Anniversary Edition”, “Bratz Collector Deluxe Doll”, “Bratz Original Doll”, and “Bratz Rock Angelz” have appeared in Target’s system (see the “News 2021” highlight on the Lookin’ Bratz Instagram story highlights section for images).

- Leaked listings confirm that re-releases of Tokyo A Go-Go Collector’s Edition Kumi, Sweet Heart Meygan, and Holiday Trinity will be produced, each coming in new packaging and with additional jewelry. The dolls are expected to release on October 4, 2021.

- It is later confirmed that the prices have changed for each collection. The Rock Angelz re-release will retail at $34.99, the First Edition re-release will retail at $19.99 and will include a second boy (rumored to be Dylan), the Collector 20th Anniversary line will retail at $59.99 and include two additional characters alongside the core four, and the Deluxe Collector 20th Anniversary doll will retail at $79.99. Please note the art featured in the links are not the official artworks for the collections and are just being used as examples.

- New listings confirm that Cameron may be part of the First Edition re-release, the new Collector 20th Anniversary Edition dolls will be $59.99, the Rock Angelz collection will be re-released at $36.99, and the Rock Angelz cruiser will be re-released with Roxxi at $59.99.

- Bratz Heaven (fansite) leaks information that MGA plans to re-release another Bratz collection alongside the First Edition re-rerelease and that the new Bratz Collector dolls are no longer an Amazon exclusive; additionally, a deluxe Collector doll is expected.

- Merchandise -

- A new Bratz shirt appears on the Hot Topic website.

- The new Bratz accessories begin appearing on the Hot Topic website.

- Bratz jewelry sets are spotted at Hot Topic.

- A new Bratz hair accessory set is found in a Hot Topic store (images on LookinBratz Instagram, courtesy of Anika Miles)

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