Nickname: Nightingale Porcelain
Pet: Bird
Lucky Number: 23
Favorite Color: Salmon, Yellow and Black
Favorite Movies: About Music, Novels, and Comedy
Favorite Books: About Music
Favorite Food: Spaghetti with White Sauce
Favorite Smoothie: Wimp Oatmeal
Favorite Music: Romantic and Blues
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Singing and Hanging Out with Friends
Shopping Style: Romantic and in Fashion

Anyssa first made her appearance with Daphne (Crystal) in the limited Crystal collection, where she is one of the two porcelain dolls. She is nicknamed Nightingale Porcelain by her friends because she loves to sing and has a very beautiful voice.

Anyssa wishes to become a singer eventually and she just adores fashion. She seems to like the night and fits in well with it.


Anyssa is fair skinned with very long brown hair and deep blue eyes. Her makeup is usually pale or light in color.